How to Avctivate iPhone 4 Facetime in Unsupported Countries with FaceTime Hacktivator


In some international locations within the Center East, in step with FaceTime is disabled on all iPhone four. It seems to be disabled since the conversations are encrypted. One downside a while in the past that Analysis In Movement (RIM) BlackBerry ith his Torch. Once more, due to jailbreak that the issue can be circumvented.


Handling is very simple: just go to Cydia, add the source iPhoneIslam(, then install "FaceTime Hacktivator.

Follow these steps to activate FaceTime on your iPhone 4 device.

1. Go to Cydia on you jailbroken iPhone and go to Manage > Sources > Edit.

2: Then Add the following repository and tap the Add Source button.

3. Than Go to Search tab and search for FaceTime Hacktivator app and install it.

4. Reboot your iPhone 4 if requires, After the reboot, go to Settings Phone and you will be able to see FaceTime toggle.

5. Turn the FaceTime toggle and than you will be able to receive the international SMS to activate FaceTime on your iPhone 4.


 There will be no further manipulation, the video will be made available in Apple as if it had never been blocked.


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