The new version of Pangu arrival to jailbreak iOS 9 still has issues. Although many users have been able to apply the jailbreak without any problems, some have encountered difficulties in implementing it. One problem is presented by way of loop restarts the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in which it is applied This time we mean salt “Boot Loop of the Deadth” better known as (BLoD), happens in iOS 9 and its Jailbreak, this bug is bringing head to many users of iOS and its latest jailbreak, this bug is a state that is It occurs when the device begins to restart continuously, without stopping, until the battery is exhausted and so on while you have battery, there is no solution but to restore. But in actuality iPhone we bring you a tutorial to resolve this disagreement temporarily.

Obviously the solution is to restore, but we have no other choice, the iPhone is totally dead when in this state, so we have no alternative, we will save the data using a backup, that is something. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: First, backup your unencrypted device to save the data. To do this, connect the device to your PC or Mac with iTunes open and follow the usual steps.
Step 2: Put your device into DFU mode: To do this connect the device to your computer with iTunes open, immediately afterwards will press the home + power button for ten seconds, after those ten seconds and let go of power button but keep the start until the icon appears iTunes on the screen and the computer detects the device.
Step 3: Click on restore device in order to restore to iOS 9.0.2
Step 4: After the restoration configure it as “new device”, this is a very important step, we not include iCloud settings nor TouchID.
Step 5: Download Pangu  Jailbreak for Windows version 1.0.1
Step 6: Perform Jaibreak eith Pangu
Step 7: Cydia will start with the phone in airplane mode but with Wi-Fi enabled.
Step 8: install Substrate repo from Cydia BigBoss and wait for the usual respring.
Step 9: Turn off completely and back on again.
Step 10: Now force a restart with the home + power button and hold.

With these steps when exactly the problem reboot loop is gone, whenever you can restore your backed up data with iCloud introducing our data. While it is released the new version of Pangu this is the only alternative and tedious method to avoid the problem.

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