How to Backup and Restore Cydia Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks on iOS 8


iOS jailbreaking last only a short period of time that every time a new Apple firmware (although only offer some bug fixes) is released, it’s time to restore the iPhone or iPad, install the new firmware from Apple and finally re-install the jailbreak.

If you are one of the users that goes through this process, do not despair as we have put together an interesting tutorial through which you will have the possibility to make a backup for your applications and tweaks from Cydia, so that every time you restore, you re-install and iOS jailbreak to be able to have the same tweaks that you had before. Follow the steps below:


And is that, as we can do backups on your PC, Mac or iCloud for the contents of your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod Touch, there is also a way to get a backup of all the tweaks, sources and apps from Cydia.

PKGBackup is a very interesting Cydia tweak developed by Jibril Gueye that allows us, as we mentioned, make a backup of all the contents of the jailbreak installed on your iOS device, and offers the opportunity to save on storage apps cloud like Dropbox, SkyDrive (OneDrive), Box, etc.

The tweak also makes a backup of configuration settings files Springboard. It supports iOS 8 and is available on the BigBoss repo or source for $9.99. Maybe the price it very high, but considering the very useful and time saving features PKGBackup can say that is well worth it.

Backup Cydia Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks on iOS 8

To discover how to back up your Cydia tweaks and adjustments to the jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini follow these simple steps tutorial:

1. Open Cydia and search for the tweak PKGBackup.

2. After installing the tweak, a new application will appear on your home screen. Open it.


3. Go to the section of the application settings and select the resource where you want to save your backup.

4. Click on the radio button “Backup”.


5. Now make tap on the orange button “Backup” next to “Details”.

cydia backup copy B2

6. When done, now click on “Yes” and tweak will ask you to name and describe your backup.

7. After entering the name, tweak begin to make a backup of all content and elements related to jailbreak your iOS device. It should be completed within a few minutes, depending on the amount of tweaks, packages and / or resources that you have installed.


How to Restore Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks from a backup

1. Open PKGBackup again and click on the “Restore” button.

2. Locate the backup with the name you chose and press “Select” and “Close”.

3. To restore the backup presses on “Restore” again “.

4. A confirmation message appears, please tap “Yes”.

5. PKGBackup begin to reinstall the entire contents of your backup, once this action is complete you must reboot your iOS dspositivo clicking on the “Reboot” button.

We hope you have found this tutorial useful! If you have any questions or problems, as always, leave a comment below.

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