No matter you've achieved a root to your Android telephone, or whether or not you retain it reputable, unquestionably, thebackup is likely one of the most necessary forecasting we should do to make sure our knowledge, particularly relating to units information storage.


It is understandable that the contacts, messages and applications are, generally, supported with a backup, to foresee the possible loss, we do not want to go through this kind of situation. However, we should also give more character and importance to the information we store in our mobile, especially when it is an Android Phone. In this brief guide will teach you how to avoid losing your data when you lose your phone Android.

Backing up the contacts on the Android

If you are from users who, like me, tend not to backup the contacts from your SIM manually, Android includes a tool that lets you sync with Gmail. To synchronize contacts Android Phone to Gmail, simply go to "Contacts Menu", press the"More"and go to Accounts continuation, then select Background Data and Auto-sync. This will backup your contacts and sync with the list of contacts from your Gmail with all the data. In addition, any new contact that you add to your Android or appear in your Gmail contact list.

Backing up SMS messages to Android

Although there are still phones that ask you to delete some SMS messages when memory is full, Android Phone has a storage capacity of unlimited SMS texts, including an external memory. Addition, Android devices can indicate a storage limit from which you want to delete the oldest, but it has a structure designed to backup your SMS.

We know that the phone could present some problems which result in the loss of all messages. That need not occur after running certain processes in it, sometimes, it just happens for no apparent reason. To prevent this type of loss exists SMSBackup, an automatic backup tool that makes your Gmail account to your SMS messages, for which only need to create a folder in Gmail and all SMS messages that are copied bySMSBackup be stored in it.

Make backup of Android applications

If you are from users who have taken full advantage of the facilities of the Android Phone and you have optimized with a good set of applications that have been put at your disposal and the Android Market over the past months, you'll want to make sure that under any circumstances, the go to waste. Though Android has no function to backup applications, 2.2 Froyo includes the option to install applications directly on the SD card.

Astro File Manager is a useful tool to make backup applications in the memory card. The best thing is that it functions as a task manager (task manager) and is free. Another recommended tool is the AppBrain, which allows you to create a list of your favorite applications and install them on any device with a simple sync Android. In turn, AppBrain allows you to install your favorite applications in a new device.

Backing up the settings Android

One of the first things we do when we have a mobile phone personalization. This involves making changes to the home screen and configuration options. Thanks to various tools such as Pro MyBackup can do backup to restore them at any time, especially if it is necessary to reset the phone, causing loss of custom options. The cost of MyBackup Pro is only $ 4.99 and you can download a 30 day trial. MyBackup Pro generates a copy of your applications, contacts, call history, bookmarks, SMS, MMS, system settings, home screen, alarms, dictionary, calendar, and music on an SD card or an online account.

Another tool available is Titanium Backup, which you can get free. However, only works with devices which have made root.

This is simply a list of some of the most recommended backup tools with which no longer need to mourn the loss of some of this information, but rather, we must take precautions to prevent data loss our Android Phone. Regardless of how complicated it may seem, with these applications is extremely simple to backup Android Phone.


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