Getting Began 

Now to get began burning your ISO file with ImgBurn. First you wish to have to head to the web page and obtain ImgBurn. From there you have to install it. After it is install you will need a blank CD/DVD.

The Process

Now to get started burning your ISO file. Open up ImgBurn the first thing you see is a nice splash screen. A splash screen is just a small logo that is used to identify that the application you selected is starting up. You get a nice selection menu to choose which operation you wish to do with ImgBurn. Select the top left option to write a disc. As shown below:

From here you get the main selection menu as shown below:

Now this is the main Window. From here you select the file you want to burn with clicking on the open folder icon. This will bring up the file browser in which you use to lead the application to the ISO File you wish to burn.

Now after selecting the file you get all the option highlighted in order to make your selectio

Here you select the burn speed and if you wish to have the disc get verified. The verify is just to make sure the data burned correctly to the disc. The click in icon at the bottom that shows the file on a piece of paper going to a disc. That starts the burn process.

After it burns you get a confirmation.

Finishing Up

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