The latest Apple mobile software finally has a set of functions implemented blocking calls from unwanted numbers . ” Block list ” is available for both voice calls and text messages to .

Block calls from unwanted callers was one of the innovations in iOS 7: platform allows reject calls and SMS- messages from the ” small group of people ” through the phone service FaceTime and iMessages. Block list implemented in iOS 7 is highly nontrivial . A new section is in two places OS : Messages and Phone and to block user previously need to add it to your address book .

If the phone is blacklisted , any attempt to reach the subscriber will be in vain . However, in iOS 7 a feature that allows to bypass the blockage. To get through to the person who has brought your phone number to the black list , you need to go into the settings and turn off the iPhone standard option ” Show My Caller ID”. It’s in Settings – > Phone. Thereafter , the iPhone will receive the call .



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