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activation-lock 1Developer under the name Smolk found a way around the remote lock function for mobile devices running on the operating system iOS 7. When it comes to Find My iPhone, which is used to protect a lost or stolen gadgets Apple. His decision hacker presented as tools for the operating system Windows.

According to the developer , the program allows him not only around the block activation iOS 7 , but also to perform the procedure to jailbreak iOS 7.1. The truth while it is only about the iPhone 4 . The user has to fulfill several conditions . Namely, set your phone through iTunes as a ” new device ” and disable the password . Bypass activation iOS 7 is executed before the jailbreak .

How to jailbreak iOS 7.1 and activate iOS 7:

Step 1: Download “JB iOS 7.1” on this page. It is compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows 7/8.

Step 2: Connect your device to your computer , run the program and click «tethered jailbreak ios 7 for iPhone 4 .”

Step 3: Click the button ” 1 ) Run SSH_RD Tool».


Step 4: Wait until the window RD_tool and switch the device into DFU- mode .

activation-lock 1

Step 5: Once finished, press the ” 2 ) Run SSH Connect».

Make sure the disc is mounted :

Mounting / dev/disk0s1s1 on / mnt1 ..
Mounting / dev/disk0s1s2 on / mnt2 ..

activation-lock 2

Otherwise, press ” 2 ) Run SSH Connect».

Step 6: Click ” 3 ) Jailbreak data send». A popup window appears with a question «Continue connecting and add host key to the cache?». Press «Y».

Your iPhone will reboot and will be in recovery mode.

activation-lock 6

Step 7: Now boot the phone by pressing button “Tethered boot iOS7.1 iPhone 4 Model: 3.1 or 3.2 or 3.3” , depending on your device model. To find model iPhone, tap the image number in the window .

activation-lock 7

Step 8: After downloading the iPhone unlock the smartphone and do not touch it before automatic reboot ( install Cydia can last 5-6 minutes).

Step 9: After the reboot, you need to wait respringa . On this step setting mobilesubstrate (2-3 minutes).

Step 10: Open Cydia and install the updates .

Now every time you reboot iPhone you will need to connect the gadget to the computer and use the button “Tethered boot iOS7.1”.

Note: Bypass activation Apple ID works on all versions of iOS 7, including 7.1 , but turns the iPhone 4 in iPod. In other words, to make calls from this device will not work.

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