One of the vital main shortcomings of the running device is just not iOS capability to customise its icons or the GUI software with out the wish to jailbreak. The website online RazorianFly found a trick to change icons of your applications without having a jailbroken iPhone, you're on Mac OS X or Windows.Here is the guide in detail:




1. Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer and launch the iPhone software Explorer.

2. Click on the name of your device, get into the files the apps, and change the icon you want del'application by going to:

App_Name / App_Name. App


3. You should see two icons for your application: "icon.png" and "icon@2x.png" for the version without display Retina. Rename these two icons in "icon_vo.png" and "icon@2x_vo.png" to not delete the original icon.


4. Finally, add the icons of your choice by calling it "icon.png" and "icon@2x.png.

  • Icon.png = 57 × 57 pixels
  • Icon@2x.png = 114 × 114 pixels


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