How to Choose the Right Size for your Apple Watch

If you are seriously thinking about buying the Apple Watch, but not sure which size to choose or might be your fit, today’s article will help you solve the main problem and identify with what size is perfect for you.

Since the announcement by Apple of its first smart watch has been more than six months. At the March presentation Tim Cook introduced a new product a little closer, but those who were ready immediately after the event go to the official online store and order Apple Watch was disappointed. Pre-order the long-awaited new start only from April 10, and direct delivery – 24.
A wide range of bracelets and two variants of the body size of the gadget (38 and 42 mm), which in Russia is unlikely to feel the nearest electronics store personally somewhat confused person. Well, let’s try to unravel the size and length of straps old fashioned way, which we used even when buying iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Using the app Apple Store

The first way to reconcile the actual size of the Apple Watch provides for the installation of an application Apple Store. Download it from the App Store.


Run the application and on the model of interest smart clock, press Learn more, and on the opened tab, select View Pricing. A list of available models of the series of Apple Watch.


Select the item Compare case sizes (compare the size). Opens before us a picture of the two versions of Smart-hours: 38 and 42 mm.

No matter in what iOS-device you are working with an application Apple Store, the image will match their actual physical size. Checking simple line confirms this.

Attach your iPhone to your wrist, you can see the distant picture will look like Apple wearable watch on your hand.

Another issue that will be relevant when purchasing smart hours Apple Watch – the size of the strap. The presented assortment of bracelets is described in detail on the company’s website. The size of each model of the strap is not only represented in several different ways, but also depends on the size of the housing Smart hours. For your convenience, we have adapted the original PDF-File.

Arm yourself with the meter and to measure your wrist. On the summary table clearly shows all the possible options straps bundled with the clock Apple Watch. Alas, the scale of PDF-file does not reflect the actual physical size of smart watches and bracelets, so smoothly proceed to the next step, which is to print out a paper layout on the printer.

Until we have a real opportunity to touch the Apple Watch, inspired by the art of origami, make your own. However, we have tried for the guys from GH and developed PDF-layout, which will help in the selection of smart watches specifically for your wrist.


Printing out layout, look at the actual scale, which should be equal to exactly 100%. Do not stretch the image and print settings, turn off the mark against the item “Fit to Page”. Now you have a paper copy Apple Wearable Watch. Of course, the comparison of the actual image hours and paper model will not replace the real thrill of wearing Apple Watch, but if you plan to buy a smart watch for pre-order or ask suddenly leaves for the United States to bring the long-awaited gadget familiar with the size you will not regret it. That’s how I decided on the choice of iPhone 6 and got it a few days after the start of sales in the United States. Good shopping!


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