How to clean “Other” Capacity in iTunes and the free space on iOS devices



Many users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch called attention to the diagram of the occupied space in iTunes. One of the categories on it called “Other” . Since this section of time begins to take up more space on your device , there is a need to flush it out . What is in this section, and how to reduce its size ?

All data on mobile Apple devices are divided into several categories – Audio , Photo , Software , Books , Documents and Data . All content that is not covered in these sections is determined by iTunes as ” Other .” What is this place? First of all – the application files , game saves , caches , temporary files, settings, programs and more. For example, if as a result of sync with iTunes error occurred , the size of the “other” will increase . Also, here come the programs that were installed from third party sources , tweaks and apps from Cydia, as well as files that are uploaded to iOS- device without going through iTunes.

However, some data may be programs in “Programs” section , it all depends on the developer. For example, you remove one of the games or application. If the developers decided that the settings , cache, and other information should not be considered all of your content , then that content is defined as “garbage” and into iTunes in the “Other” . Some mapping applications use the section ” Other ” for the caching of their cards .

How to clean the “Other” Capacity in iTunes

As mentioned above, many programs store additional files in the folder “Other” , and one of them – the messages . When you are with someone conversation and actively exchanging photos and videos , all files are stored in the program ( it stores the information in the ” Other “). This can result in gigabytes of data, especially if you frequently mail the video on iMessage.

Only one way out – to remove that content . Find videos / photos in posts at least a week ago – a big problem on the iPhone, since the scrolling stories can take a long time . So we have to erase the whole history of the correspondences on the device.

It is also reasonable to delete old notes and files in the browser cache . With the active use Safari, Chrome , and other mobile browsers are stored in the memory of hundreds of megabytes of data that take up valuable space . Post Mail application stores the information in the section “Other” .

Those who did jailbreak , it makes sense to use a file manager that allows you to browse the file system of the device with the computer, such as iFunBox. The first thing you can erase the consequences of failed syncs with iTunes. You can do this by deleting the files from the folder User / Media / Application Archives, and in the folder / var / tmp contains temporary files which can also be cleaned.


Which you could additionally grasp a ” spring cleansing “, liberating up area on the iPhone and iPad for extra useful knowledge – tune, video and device. It will lend a hand PhoneClean Utility for Mac and Home windows permits you to selectively delete cache recordsdata , Cookie, and brief information. As well as, the usage of the applying can clear the decision historical past , browser Safari, navigate, delete messages and stuff.

Eventually, that you would be able to go to wash up the iPhone and iPad essentially restoring the brand new firmware and for this reason shedding the instrument to manufacturing unit default settings . After that, must re- set up the entire vital tool , obtain song, pictures, and so on. For this reason, you no longer most effective smooth the cell tool from needless tails and scale back the part ” Different “, but in addition eliminate these functions that don’t use for a very long time .

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