The best way to Create indicators related to locations in iOS 5


If the iPhone 4S and Siri left me rather skeptical, iOS 5 me m caught the eye and in the case of a lot of people apparently. Even he does not go a day without you discover new tricks awfully practical. And this time, the application callback that is in the spotlight since the latter will allow you to create alerts associated with places and the trigger … when you leave or when you get there. Suffice to say that this trick could you type in the eye something good …


The irony in the story is that reminders had appeared as an application unnecessary and not very interesting . Like what, sometimes we may be pleasantly surprised. I came across this trick super convenient and frankly that might help a lot of people. Imagine, you leave your office and your mobile will ring to remind you to take out your client's file before leaving. Even better, you go to McDonalds' corner and the same, your smartphone cabbage begins to yell to remind you of your diet. No doubt, many applications and this is how to create alerts associated sites:

  • Start the application Reminders.
  • Create a new task by pressing the "+".
  • Open the created task.
  • Tap on "Notify me".
  • Enable the "At a place."
  • Tap "Current Location" to define the address of your choice.
  • Below the "Current Location" tap "When I go" or "When I come."
  • Confirm the operation.

Not bad, quite frankly. That same kind of small detail that makes all the difference and no doubt iOS 5 should be full of tricks like that. Besides, if you know, feel free to throw them in the comments following this article.


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