How one can create Video games Cheat for iPhone, iPod Contact and iPad?


If dishonest or straightforward win is what you searching for, this information will can help you do it with the video games to be had for iPhone, iPod Contact and iPad. The elemental requirement is to permit an Apple clearly has been made on which the Jailbreak. We will be able to additionally want an utility like Ifil to get right of entry to information out of your iPhone or alter an software equivalent to WinSCP to do that by the use of SSH connection. Mainly now we have two classes of video games, these "advanced" and "easy", we see what’s totally different:

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Games Resorts: to somehow cheating with this class of games we need to create DLC changing. dat file or. saver (inside of whi
ch only saves) using a hex editor. But it is a more lengthy and difficult to leave aside for a future leadership

Simple games: this category of games is that in this guide. To change the parameters of the game will not have to do is fiddle around with the different values contained within the files. Plist.

Where can find the files. Plist to edit?

If the game supports OpenFeint we seek. Plist file to edit in the path: / var / mobile / Applications / root_application / Documents /

If the game does not support OpenFeint but the path is: / var / mobile / Applications / root_application / Library / Preferences.  

Once the files corresponding to the game which we want to change the various parameters to easily win more, get more points, in other words cheating, we will change it. We see here some examples by which you will understand how the change of your
games and take the opportunity to recommend a backup of files before tampering. We see here some examples of tampering.

Chicken Shuffle

Open the application and play for a few minutes so that the file is created containing the best scores. Take a trip to this point in the path / var / mobile / Applications / root_application / Documents / and open the file easy.plist. After we see the string header <string> number </ string>. The number reported here represents our best rating in the game. It comes without saying that changing this value you are going to tamper with the ranking of scores. Once the change carried a respring and open the game again … surprise!


The gameplay offers from this title is different, so before you can change the scores we play a few minutes with each of them setting a record low. By accessing the path / var / mobile /
Applications / root_application / Library /
Preferences besides file it is also one called com.skyworks.goaaal.plist. Opening it will find the voice <key> GameMode1 </ key> followed by arrays and <key> GameMode2 </ key> and another array. These two keys are no more than two game modes. If you want a good score in the second mode we copy a <dict> the fee </ dict> and incolliamolo after <array>. We look for the key name under which we will find the player's name. Modify it with your nickname. Now look for the key score and immediately entered the wrong score you got. Saved, performed a respring and open the game again … surprise!

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