How To Delete macOS Sierra Installation Files



What to do if memory becomes tight? Then you search for files, which can be safely deleted and macOS Sierra installation files (PKG files) to get some storage space back. In the context of the larger concept “Optimized Disk Space”, Apple has ensured in detail that on completion of the installation a little more space on the hard drive will be released again.

Apple always listens to the feedback of its customers. In this case, the functionality described in this article is also due to the fact that users complained about insufficient disk space on the Mac.

Installation packages are automatically deleted

If you double-click on a PKG file, you are guided through a graphical dialog through the installation. In OS X El Capitan or Yosemite the task of the operating system was over at the end of the installation. But the new Sierra will ask you if you want to delete the installation package from the hard disk after the installation is complete.

Of course you could also remove the installation package from the hard disk. However, you got to hand it to yourself and move you to the recycle bin in Finder. In macOS Sierra, this is now much more practical.

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