How to Disable Carrier IQ’s on the iPhone


You understand, the cookie Service IQ's getting severe turmoil on the net.  First detected fashions Samsung and HTC smartphones and on BlackBerry and Nokia and eventually in iOS (ie iPhone), the case will not be prepared to prevent there. Anyway, iPhone house owners have a priori the opportunity of eliminating the cookie with out the usage of a tweak Cydia. Listed here are the steps to practice:


First, you need to go in the application settings , then tab "Location Services" , then "System Services" at the bottom of the screen. Uncheck "Diagnosis and use" and presto, you're done!Carrier IQ is now cut .&#0
Note that iPhone users are (in their misfortune), better off than users of other smartphones that they do not have access to these settings to disable the cookie.

Still, according to the latest release of Apple, Carrier IQ is no longer used in most Apple products since the arrival of iOS 5In addition, the Cupertino company said that Carrier IQ enabled them to have access to purely technical information, which does not in any way interfered with the privacy of iPhone users





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