Few days ago,  iOS 10 was officially made available for everyone and many are those who are not accustom to several of the new features that the operating system has by default. One of these things is to activate the option to raise that, as its name suggests, turn the screen of your iPhone to make a move to lift him to face him. However, this feature is only available on the iPhone 6s on.

All those you who are upset with this new option, still, we will show you how you can disable this new feature from the settings app.

Many of you certainly bothers you because you are used to give fast the lock button to turn the display and view the notifications, it is normal that the change to illuminate only takes time. Those who removed the battery consumption this functionality can take, say that the sensors with which it works are very prepared to eliminate false positives but like everything, raising to activate comes from Apple Watch and we know that often lit without the full twist of the wrist to check the time.

Disable Raise to Wake

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Then select the Display & Brightness.
  • Disable (switch off) Raise to Wake

The option may be a bit hidden at first glance but as you see there is no mystery. Now the only way to illuminate the display will be pressing or the Home button (which will unlock directly unless the option is disabled press to unlock) or give the lock button as many used to do so far..

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