How to Download ProSwitcher Beta Palm Pre like Multitasking


Proswitcher displays applications that are running in background and allows you to scroll left and right between them for quick switching. If you are using Multifl0w then you should give a try to Proswitcher. This new tweak features many improvements in Multifl0w like following.

  • Closing applications in the background v
    ia a swipe on preview
  • Closing an application by clicking on the (X) at the top left
  • Ability to show or hide the Dock
  • Dim background to darken the background below so as to give greater visibility to the previews of multitasking

IMG_0241_thumb IMG_0245_thumb 


The basic idea behind ProSwitcher is you can switch between apps while automatically back grounding the app you leave. ProSwitcher integrates with Backgrounder similar to how Kirikae does it. To install the beta version of ProSwitcher add the following repo to Cydia

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