download Windows 10 pro ISO

download Windows 10 pro ISO

Microsoft has greatly made it easy for the preparation and offering directly download an application that will prepare the removable media to install and download Windows 10 pro ISO file without using any product key , as follows:

  • – Access the web dedicated to Microsoft operating system and click on the download button version that we will install, 32 or 64 bits.
  • – Downloaded file “MediaCreationTool” and come to a screen where you can continue to install or switch to update mode:
  • – Create the installation media and selected language edition of Windows and architecture:
  • – Continue with the process (in this case a USB although it may be a DVD) or we can choose to download Windows 10 pro ISO to record later or for use in a virtual machine. We opted for the first choice. The USB drive must be greater than 3 GB and personally recommend a USB 2.0 model. Albeit slower than a USB 3.0 compatible and are more often give less problems when installing operating systems.
  • – The application will begin installing the operating system in the chosen medium. It will take a little. Patience.

An alternative to the previous screen is download Windows 10 pro ISO to the hard drive and “burn” later with our favorite tool. In this case, use Rufus, especially if you are going to install the operating system on machines with UEFI.

In either case, you will have ready the external environment to perform a clean installation from scratch. Remember to back up beforehand (at least files) and recover the license number and save it in a safe place, although Microsoft offers to download Windows 10 pro ISO or upgrade without product key.

A clean installation from scratch of the Microsoft operating system has some advantages over the upgrade, as we can install it at any time and on any compatible computer that exceeds the basic requirements for software, we will save potential conflicts bloatware installed applications or manufacturers.

By downloading Windows 10 ISO can make a completely clean install of the new operating system on your computer. Microsoft has set up a website for the ones interested:

Official Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO) download page here.

You see, all you need is an Internet connection, space on your own PC or an external storage (you can also mount the ISO on a USB or burn a DVD). Available ISO Windows through the Microsoft tool both 32 bits and 64 bits and, of course, at the time of installation will need a valid product key.

For all other questions you may have, the Redmond company enabled an extensive FAQ section that surely will take away any doubt in the process.

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