How to edit RAW photos on your iPhone and iPad

It is possible to import and edit RAW photos on your iPhone and iPad. Importing photos to our iPhone or iPad is a must have for professional or start-up photographers. Then we tell you by a simple tutorial how we can import RAW images into our iPhone with a few simple steps.

Import and edit RAW images in iOS

By itself, no iPhone or iPad is able to import and edit photos in RAW format. Although yes we can do photos in RAW, or a similar. However, some applications do allow us to do so. The RAW format is often used by professional and semi-professional photographers. The good thing about RAW is that it allows us to further edit the photograph after its capture, as it is, so to speak, in a much purer format than any other. No compression. Editing RAW photos on an iPad or iPhone is a very interesting idea.


  • You will need to buy a Lightning to SD adapter.
  • Download Adobe Lightning Room for iPhone or for iPad
  • Remove the SD card from the camera and place it in the adapter.
  • Open Adobe Lightning Room and import the contents of the card into your library.

Now we can edit the photos in RAW format from our iPhone or iPad. The process is tremendously simple, and thanks to this suite of Adobe for iOS we can make certain interesting issues.

You can find many RAW photo editing apps in the App Store, but if we want an application that is easy to use and have many services within reach, we recommend the favorite of thousands of photographers: Lightroom mobile.  This particular tool makes it possible to edit RAW photos with a great variety of designs and options to personalize and give a unique touch to photos, surely, it is the most appropriate way to start and make a difference.

The editing panel is completely simple and accessible, opens a panel for automatic and totally professional functions, ideal for merging and modifying images and importance.

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