How to Enable USB Restricted Mode on iOS 11.4.1


Download-iOS-11.4.1With iOS 11.4.1, Apple has activated the USB Restricted Mode function already present in the beta version of iOS 11.4. Here’s what it is and how to activate it. The new version that Apple released yesterday incorporates a new restricted USB mode that blocks iPhone or iPad port.

This new feature causes the devices to cancel their Lightning port when they are blocked, so that no accessory can access the data of our iPhone or iPad without us unlocking it. How does it work? How can we deactivate it? How does it affect our accessories? We explain everything to you next.

In practice, the Lightning port is locked for any operation, except for charging. To unlock the connection via USB, you need to unlock the device or enter the password at least once a week. After 60 minutes without entering the password, it will be impossible to perform any operation, including synchronization of the iPhone through iTunes on Mac or PC previously authorized.

To enable USB Restricted mode:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Touch ID & Passcode (Face ID on iPhone X)
  • Scroll down and make sure the “USB Accessories” item is turned off


With this item disabled, you will need to unlock the iPhone to connect USB accessories if it has been more than an hour since it was unlocked.

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