Most agree about the lack of feedback  that the  mobile gadgets interface have, fingers do not feel the buttons, etc… Particularly acute problem arises when working with textual information .

While in Cupertino technology patents that describe different ways to implement tactile screens for smartphones , the creators of informal applications offer a ready solution to the problem . Tireless Ryan Petrich has released a special tweak that simplifies set of textual information on the iPhone and iPad.

HapticPro – this jailbreak extension from Cydia, iOS 7 adds in support vibration while typing. Works very simply – please click on the button , the gadget vibrate slightly . The author has provided subtle tweak settings to work . For example , HapticPro may fire when you touch or when the user has released the button. You can set the duration and intensity of vibrations , as well as the content type when working with that will include HapticPro.

The cost of this tweak is $2.99. Quite expensive for an informal application. On the other hand HapticPro – the first such plan add- supporting devices on iOS 7.

Find HapticPro, as well as other third-party applications can be in Cydia: tweak is in the default repository BigBoss. Before installing, you must perform a jailbreak using Evasi0n 7.

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