iPhone 4S video

iPhone 4S videoApple introduced the ability to access digital zoom during video capture with the latest iOS 7 firmware. When shooting videos you can zoom in sight of the camera objects with the purpose of increase of their information.

The zoom feature frame recording is only for iPhone models, 5s, iPhone 5c and 5 iPhone. IPhone users 4s and iPhone 4 it is not available, unless of course, the owner of the device prudently did the jailbreak. Operation «opening» firmware allows you to restore justice.

The ability to zoom while shooting appeared with iOS 7. Previously, it was available only at the stage of preparing to record a video, user choose the desired zoom level, then pressed the Record and can shoot video. To change the zoom setting was not possible.

Now iPhone owners can do zoom even during video recording. But this feature is available for smart phone owners of the last generations. To get a feature on the iPhone 4/4s, you must install a new tweak Video Zoom Mod. Thanks to him, the zoom control in the process of shooting on the models of the previous generation.

Use the function simply. Need to switch the Camera mode to video swipe left and after pressing the red button and start shooting, use the standard pinch gesture. Now to activate zoom, pinch the surface of the display to zoom in an image and bring for the reverse effect. You can also do a tap on the screen in the right place to change the focus.

In addition gesture pinch zoom function performs and slider. But it only appears after you make the gesture cultivation fingers on the screen. Should have this in mind.

IPhone users 4/4s can install the Video Zoom Mod from Cydia. Tweek free, it can be downloaded from the standard’s BigBoss repository. Additional options will appear in the settings of the OS.

Video Zoom Mod is only available on devices running iOS 7 jailbroken. “Crack” operating system by using a program Evasi0n 7. Detailed instructions for working with the utility is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

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