With the contemporary information of the  purchase of Instagram by Facebook , many users have hit the skies. And no wonder, although it is quite possible that there are people not interested in being in the largest social network, do enjoy the photography social network.

 For them and everyone who wants to move to retain their photos before they become part of the empire of Facebook, I present, InstaPort, a simple web application that lets you download your Instagram photo collection to your computer.

InstaPort works very simple, we went to the home page, enter our username and password Instagram and once inside, we have the option to export all our photos to our computer in Zip format, ie compressed. At the end of the process we have all our pictures on our computer and safe from the clutches of Facebook. Well, ok, I leave the drama for another day.

As I mentioned, InstaPort is very simple and only performs this function. I know it will be helpful for those who want to keep their collection outside of Facebook.


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