How To Fix iOS 11 Common Issues


battery life

After each time iOS update, users always complain about the new iOS consumes more battery than before, iOS 11 is no exception. The new version of iOS 11 brings many surprises. Have a lot before updating this new version, because many unexpected problems could occur if you are not well prepared for the update.

This time, the update is taking a little longer to prevail. 24 hours after its commissioning, only 10% of the compatible devices had been updated. The previous version, according to MixPanel, had an adoption rate of 14% in the same period after one day. Users experienced problems from the outset, with very slow downloads.

And although Apple has always boasted of especially fast adoptions, it seems that right now, certain issues would be hampering the installation of iOS 11 on a number of devices. These are the problems that have been detected in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad. Have you noticed any incidence in this regard?

Below is one of the most common issues with iOS 11 update and how to fix it

How To Fix Battery Issues In iOS 11

Step 1. Close the widgets. Swipe to the right while you’re on the main screen of your device. Scroll to the bottom of your widgets and select Edit. To deactivate a widget, touch the red circle with the white line and press Delete.
Step 2. Use the low power mode. To activate or deactivate the low power mode, go to Settings> Battery
Step 3. Disable Lift to reactivate. To disable the feature, go to Settings> to the Display and Brightness section> Disable the Raise option to reactivate
Step 4. Turn off Background Update. Go to Settings> Background Update> Disable Refresh in the Background

Control Center Features Not What You Want

Whether it is the control center not looking the way you want or ranging from not turning off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, pops while playing a game, this is a problem that had already been detected in the beta phase. And that despite that, Apple has not corrected. We are referring to the inability to disable WiFi and Bluetooth connections from the iOS Control Center.

As you know, the renovation of the Control Center is one of the most significant developments in this version. But it still presents problems. It seems that the system is not able to disable WiFi and Bluetooth from their virtual buttons. What the system does, however, is to disconnect the connected wireless equipment. Nothing else.

Another bewildering failure has to do with the fact that after deactivating the Airplane Mode, the Bluetooth of the device is activated automatically. And this always happens, even if you had not previously activated it.

What users will have to do is use the Settings section to disable WiFi and Bluetooth. There is no other formula. If you do not, you will push your device to consume battery and soon you will run out of energy to do other things. Worst of all is that Apple does not consider this feature a bug, but a new option.

Outlook/Exchange Not Sending Email

The WiFi and Bluetooth are not to be the most serious problem that has iOS 11. Users who have email accounts in, Office 365 or Exchange Server 2016 have received error notifications at the time of send email messages.

What they see on the screen is the following: “Can not send mail”. The worst of the case is that this is a bug that both Microsoft and Apple have recognized. They say they are working to fix it in a future update. Which means that if your primary account is in any of these services, you will not be able to send email until this is resolved. And there is no date on the horizon.

The only thing Microsoft has been able to recommend in this regard is that you use your mail through the Outlook application for iOS. There is no other possible solution. Or wait for the patch. And there is no date on the horizon.

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