Mac users do not face issues when the system boot, when it happens, it can definitely cause some ‘panic such as booting to a completely black screen. It would be easy to give the hardware fault of our Mac as much can happen rarely, but often the real problem is with the software and with a few simple steps you can fix in a completely painless.

After several reports of some users who have had this same problem with the Mac, it seemed appropriate to share with you two possible solutions to this problem to exit the momentary panic and restore order.

First: reset the System Management Controller to restore the black display at startup.

The first thing you can do in these circumstances to try to solve the problem on the Mac is to reset the SMC, or commonly called the System Management Controller. This procedure will restore all settings for switching on the Mac and then settle all the problems of our beloved computers made in Cupertino including one related to display issues.

This method is especially made for the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air Modern, where we do not have the ability to remove the battery:

  • Turn off your Mac and connect to ‘d MagSafe adapter to a wall outlet.
  • Hold down the Shift + Control + Option + Power simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • Release all keys simultaneously, then start the Mac as usual.

In this way your Mac should start no more than “black screen problems”. If instead the problem persists please follow the following step made by Nathan D on MacRumors Forums.

Second: Use a key sequence that allows the resolution of the problem.

Many of you surely know that there are multiple executables via keyboard shortcuts such as those of shutdown or restart on any Mac, and to remedy to booting to a black screen, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the POWER/OFF button once. This will bring up a window that was previously missing.
  • Click the “S” button . Shortcuts to put your Mac to sleep.
  • Press and hold down until the computer goes off.
  • Wait about 15 seconds, then turn it back on by pressing the power button.

We hope these two simple guides are to your liking and above have helped you in the rare problems that the Mac may have. In case you have solved in other ways do not hesitate to report it.


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