Many users are reporting a problem with DOS newly launched TAIG Jailbreak 2.0. The problem is that the process stops at 20%, making it impossible to complete and, therefore, the jailbreak is not installed. TAIG gives many possible solutions, all available in the tutorial article, but the problem persists in some users.

Apparently the problem is with iTunes, or more specifically in its latest version. It also appears that related to the bits of iTunes, having users who say that has worked on a 32-bit computer. Anyway, it seems that there is a solution that will allow most users jailbreak TAIG install this equipment.

Apparently there is a TAIG problem with iTunes. The familiar problem of 20%, has joined him a problem of drivers from iTunes. It appears that both problems are solved as follows.

Step 1: Uninstalled iTunes on your PC.
Step 2: Now, download iTunes 12.0.1 32-bit from here and the 64-bit version of iTunes 12.0.1 from here..
Step 3:Download TAIG 2.0 for windows from here and double click on the downloaded file.
Step 4: Follow the tutorial steps to jailbreak untethered iOS 8.3.

It is important to note that failure may still appear. Other users say they have had to go back to an older previous yet. I would like honest about whether this method has worked or not you feedback. We try to offer as much information and would be helpful to know whether the problem is resolved.

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