The IDE drivers are one of those bodily storage disk utilized in pc computer systems. Can also be centered as primary conductor, he who controls others for your pc, or secondary, which is managed.

Don’t require drivers to run correctly, however the well-liked error with the pressure itself. Should you get an error IDE drivers (IDE Drivers Set up Error), it’s time to open your pc case to peer which driver is meant to be the major.


1.: Open your pc and disconnect the onerous drives. They’re installed the use of a threaded metallic body protection. Use a wrench or screwdriver that suits the crate donut. The instruments wanted depends on how the pc is armed. Unscrew the body and dispose of the laborious power, then disconnect the cables.

2.: Test the settings on the onerous power pins. These are the place the wires had been linked. There’s a small portion of pins which are the bodily regulate of the unit. These need to be labeled and directions must be printed on the disc. These directions will information you to set the force as the main or secondary.

three.: Transfer the jumper to make bodily tests. The jumper is a small piece of plastic that goes over two jumper pins. The position of this jumper determines the operation of the unit. When you have a single arduous pressure, set it as main. IDE cables have shops for 2 data. You probably have multiple disc in a single cable, one need to be set as major. The opposite shall be secondary (slave). In case your pc can strengthen two IDE cables, every cable will need to have a primary unit (grasp).

four.: Reconnect the cables. The IDE cable or information cable from the tape, is one that appears like flat, with ribbon trim. It’s extra typical in grey with pink stripe on one side. Align the purple line to the element of the jumper pins labeled No.1 pin and plug. No.1 pin is frequently inside as regards to the settings for grasp / slave (grasp / slave).Join the opposite wire, which is on cable.

5.: Put in position the laborious disk. Which you can boot the pc with the onerous power eliminated, alternatively it isn’t protected for information. Driving the discs offers balance and protects them from blows that may injury knowledge.

6.: Flip to your laptop to test the way it works. You hear the boot disk, indicating that the cable is correctly related. Now your disk is correctly ready, so you could proceed working to your pc.

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