We have learned how to solve the problem of not being able to use Touch ID in the App Store. Once you upgrade to iOS 8.3, if we had this option enabled, the App Store will always ask for the key and never Touch ID.

The solution is to disable that option in App Settings -> Touch ID and code -> iTunes Store and App Store. After that, we left the Settings App and reboot the machine completely. After restart, go to the same place and activate the same option. Magically, the App from the App Store will ask your fingerprint using Touch ID after putting the key in the release of the first version as before.

Step-1: In the iPhone or iPad Settings on iOS 8.3

Step-2: Tap on Touch ID & Passcode

Step-3: Enter your Passcode or Password

Step-4: Toggle iTunes & App Store to OFF

Step-5: Press Home button to return to the Home screen

Step-6: Reboot your device

Step-7: Enter your Password on the Lock screen

Step-8: Go to your device  Settings 

Step-9: Click on Touch ID & Passcode

Step-10: Enter your your password and turn on iTunes & App Store

It’s amazing that at this point and the number of people who test their iOS betas before they see the light of day, that problems like this reach end users. It is absurd and ridiculous. This is the kind of things that had previously never bother with an iPhone. Yes, now the operating system is much more complex, with many more options and doing more things complicated or elaborate … but all that is no excuse for a company like Apple. Now, whenever there is an update to iOS, you have to be prepare to see something stops working … happens too often.

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