How to fix iOS Battery Drain


 battery lifeScotty Lovles , a former employee of the technical support department at Apple Store, wrote an interesting article titled ” Detailed guidance on how to solve problems with the battery discharging iOS- devices.” The instruction is written from personal experience and expert reviews on the basis of numerous other users of the iPhone and iPad.

Recall that after the operating system upgrade to iOS 7.1 version , many people paid attention to the reduction of device runtime, despite the fact that its increase was one of the objectives pursued by Apple with the release of new firmware . On the support forum has several hundreds of topics related to the problem with an abnormal discharge of mobile devices on the new firmware .

“In 99.9% of cases the cause of the rapid discharge of the battery is not the operating system iOS. I can guarantee that if you delete all data from the phone and restore it to the new , without application and mail , it will run forever, ” – said the ex – Apple employee.

First of all, writes Lovles , you should make sure that you do have a problem with fast discharging the battery . Go to Settings – > General – > Usage and check the “autonomy” of the device. Time use should be significantly less than the time in standby mode . If it is not, it is likely that there is indeed a problem .

Solution, according to the engineer , consists of 8 steps , some of which previously MacDigger covered in Articles 30 tips on how to improve battery life in iOS 7 and 10 tips on how to reduce energy consumption iOS 7.

  • Disconnect the discovery service and a background update for Facebook.
  • Disable background refresh for the applications that you do not use .
  • Do not close the application in multitasking bar .
  • Disconnect the push- notification for the post.
  • Disconnect the push- notification for unnecessary applications.
  • Disable to display the charge percentage.
  • Visit the Apple Store.
  • Use Airplane Mode in areas with poor cellular coverage .

Note that ArsTechnica experts showed that most of the models on firmware iOS 7.1 is really “live” less than iOS 7.0.6. For example, while you surf on the tablet iPad mini decreased from 576 to 520 minutes , while the iPhone 5s – from 515 to 495 minutes. According to rumors, Apple iOS 8 is to focuse mainly on iPhone and iPad battery life.

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