How to fix passcode in iOS 8 after jailbreak [Guide]


Jailbreak for iOS 8 at the moment can not boast the same convenience and stability, as the previous version. On devices subjected to this procedure, a number of errors encountered. Not all of them are critical, but some deliver certain inconveniences.


So, installing Cydia on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 accompanied by problems with password lock. When you try to lock the gadget comes abort OS. In some cases, this is accompanied by a cyclic reboot the gadget. Problem can be solved by performing the folling instructions.

How to recover the password lock on the iPhone and iPad after iOS 8 jailbreak

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad on iOS 8.1 using Pangu on Windows or Mac.


Step 2: Go to the home screen Pangu and install the OpenSSH.


Step 3: Download two files to install Cydia.

Step 4: Connect to the device via SSH, using the free client Cyberduck on Mac or PC, and place the files downloaded in the previous step to the folder var / root / Media / Cydia / AutoInstall. If this folder does not exist, create it.

Step 5: Double restart the iPhone. On the home screen icon will appear Cydia, yet not touch it.

Step 6: Download the patch for the password lock. Reconnect to the device via SSH and go to the folder /usr/libexec/cydia..

Step 7: Remove the file and replace it file you downloaded in step 6.

Step 8: Open and navigate to /User/Library/Caches/ and delete LaunchServices-XXX.cssstore (XXX – three random numbers).

Step 9: Make a reboot and run Cydia. Wait until the program will prepare the file system. Open your iOS 8 and set the password lock.

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