How To Fix Safari Crashing On iOS Or Mac



UPDATED: The problem has been fixed by Apple. You have the rest of the story below.

If Safari is crashing everytime you open it on both iOS and OS X, quiet. You are not the only one. I myself was writing an article from my iMac, I tried to do a search and I noticed that it took too long to do it. I have kept my job, I restarted the browser and the problem persisted. I forced the closure of Safari and nothing. Right then and almost by coincidence, I looked Twitter and I saw that my fellow Mac’m Jordi had already published a solution.

The first thing you must know is that the problem is not in your iPad, iPhone or Mac. The problem is what Apple is doing something and the solution we will offer below is temporary. It is not known exactly what the reason is failing, but yes we know. All we have to do is disable the browser’s suggestions, those that make the start writing some text we appear coincidences that might interest us. On the iPhone, it will disable follows.

  • Open Settings.
  • Slide down and into Safari.
  • Then de-activate suggestions Safari.
  • Finally, even if you notice unusual behavior, click twice on the start button and close Safari from multitasking.

When this fault is cleared, do not hesitate to inform you writing an article or update this and notify in social networks. If you need suggestions or, like me, you prefer to have them and not expect a warning, you can do it the other way to explain and see if Apple has already “given in the key” that allows us to use Safari as never should have left to do . How did it go? Have you solved your problem?

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