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In addition to new features for Siri voice assistant Siri,  iOS 7.1 update support CarPlay interface and updated design standard applications unexpectedly brought problems for iPhone 5s owners. Some users after upgrading to iOS 7.1 built- in fingerprint scanner smartphone completely stopped working or functioning properly.

Complaints about the problem with a fingerprint Touch ID in iOS 7.1 appeared on the support forum Apple. Branch on the site devoted to this problem goes back several thousands of hits and 60 comments . Joint efforts of users have found ways to restore the Touch ID in the new version of the operating system Apple.

How to fix problems with iPhone 5s Touch ID in iOS 7.1

iPhone 5S


Step 1: Restore operation Touch ID should begin with the removal of fingerprints , previously stored in the system . To do this you need to go in a separate section of the main menu «Touch ID and password “, enter your administrator password, and delete a fingerprint . Then repeat the procedure with the addition of a new ” snapshot .”

Step 2: If you have done the above mentioned , but the scanner still does not work , try restoring iPhone 5s from a backup file stored on your computer or iCloud. Simply connect the device to your computer , go to iTunes and click Restore iPhone. After selecting the backup to confirm the operation

Step 3: After the restoration is complete , repeat Step 1 .

Step 4: If none of these methods did not work for you , most likely you will need to contact the service center for diagnostics iPhone 5s. Perhaps the problem in the sensor Touch ID.

Meanwhile, Apple claims that the iOS 7.1 firmware improves the reliability of the fingerprint scanner iPhone 5s. Users reported that over time the sensor Touch ID impaired ability to read fingerprint data. Recognition quality returns to its previous level after deleting the profile printout of the iPhone and re-scan . Now the problem is to remain in the past.

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