How to flash mode HD2 HTC Android with HTC Sense 3.5 Custom ROM and beat Bliss audio


On this we convey in nice element how  to put in an Android ROM on the HD2, the legendary HTC Smartphone with one of the best that you can think of efficiency for use. On this information we now have advisable several types of Android ROMs and these particularly handled within the replace steps. Virtually two months now we have – as a result of widespread demand – this HTC Experience / Model Bliss ROM integrated with audio beats in our information. When you consider that there have been very many issues putting in this firmware, we will be able to right here make a separate information to this practice ROM. The customized firmware is in reality just for Experience HTC enthusiasts, as a result of on the subject of pace it’s not one of the best.


Important Notice

This guide is only for a custom firmware with HTC Sense 3.5 / Bliss Fashion and audio beats valid in the Android version 2.3.5. Even if you previously installed a custom ROM you had on the HD2, you must follow these instructions completely, because the firmware with HTC Sense 3.5 and audio beat is very special.


Before her with the installation of custom ROMs have to start following their files on your Windows computer to download. All the necessary files, except for the custom ROM has been compiled and uploaded by me at The files are in a folder that is password protected for safety's sake. The password is "iHelplounge".

HTC HD2 folder

For this tutorial you need not all uploaded files, the following files are required for installation:

  • "_1 + Radio" **
  • "_01" **
  • "_2" **
  • "_3"
  • "_5 Fixed camera ONLY Sense"
** These files are only necessary for an initial installation, you should already have a custom firmware installed, these files are not needed.

If you've downloaded all these files, the firmware is still missing, which is to be installed on the HD2. There are two choices. Either the custom firmware with HTC Sense 3.5 and audio beats or Bliss Fashion and beats by dr.dre. Which one you use is up to you, it is basically just a design issue. To make the right choice, both variants are in the xda-developer appears with different sample images. I advise you, however, the variant with sense, because the fashion is still Bliss resource consuming than HTC Sense.

Download Sensation XL HTC HD2 custom ROM with HTC Sense 3.5 and audio beat

Download Sensation XL Custom ROM with HTC HD2 Bliss Fashion and beats by dr.dre


Before the installation starts, make sure that that the battery is charged to 100 percent. It should take a little longer, do not drain the battery itself.

Once your phone is fully charged, you can start with the tutorial. Therefore, we start directly with step three. If you already have a custom ROM you had installed, you can skip the first two steps. However, you should boot loader in MAGLDR a "Hard Reset AD" Perform.

Before starting the installation must be ensured that the battery is charged to 100 percent if the installation should take a little longer allowed, the battery will not go empty.

iHelplounge and its authors accept no liability for any consequential damage or data loss and don't support or promote piracy in anyway. This article is purely for informational purposes only

Step 1

Now you have to run up the unit in bootloader mode. The boot loader is started, be kept in the hold the volume down and the Ein-/Ausschalt-Tase Tase. 


Step 2

Subsequently, the HD2 must be connected via USB to the PC. Once in a white box, as it is in the picture "USB", the device is in the correct mode. First you need to change the SPL version of the smartphone, this one opens the HD2 Toolkit and confirmed the marked in the picture button. Then, on the SPL version HSPL installed version, which now allows a different operating system to play on the HD2. This step must not be performed on each unit, as per the date of purchase the correct version is already installed. However, to be on the safe side, HSPL should be installed.

Should appear in this installation, the error message "Bad SPL version", you must first install a different version. For this, the file "_2" needed to install them on the HD2. It must be remembered that the device is in bootloader
Be selected in the SPL version must be the first in the list version.

If this step was carried out, the HSPL on the HD2 toolkit be installed. With version 3.03 of HSPL the remaining instructions will not work. For this reason, must be installed the version of the toolkit.

Now the steps is to be carried out on the PC. This is first installed as a new radio ROM and Task29, then MAGLDR is played on the phone, this is the new boot loader. It is important that the installation is between the two HD2 rewritten into boot loader mode as above added, otherwise can not be MAGLDR install.

Step 3

In this step, the ClockworkMod is installed, which is then installed a custom ROM. Also this tool on any wipes, and partitioning the SD card is used. Is required for this file:

  • "_3"

The operation in MAGLDR bootloader works on the volume up and volume down key to navigate, the Call button is used to confirm and the end call button to deselect the selected function there. The Home button can be returned to the main menu. This requires that the "USB Flasher" in MAGLDR menu and select the HD2 must be re-connected via USB to the PC. Once the screen is the following text, "Wait mode USB Flasher USB … USB".

Step 4

Now we come to the actual installation of the Android system. Before proceeding we need the following files to the SD card of the HD2 be copied, you can send your SD card to the PC by connecting it in the menu on ClockworkMod "mounts and storage" and then "mount USB storage" dials. However, it is very important that you are in this menu, nothing else "mount" or "unmount", otherwise you have to reinstall the ClockworkMod.

  • The Android Custom Firmware
  • "_5 Fixed camera ONLY Sense"
The following steps are also explained because of its importance, I explain the steps yet again. The installation at the end is a little different with this custom firmware.
ATTENTION! The next three points must be performed in each case, only legal if custom ROM was already installed.
Performs as a first point of the "wipe data / factory reset" and then confirmed with "Yes – delete all user data". After that one must "wipe cache partition" are executed, then with – confirm "Yes Wipe Cache". Must be performed to complete another "Dalvic Wipe", this is in "advanced" menu. The next point is the installation of custom ROMs to the point "install zip from sdcard" is selected. Be selected in the next sub-menu, the second item in the list then select the zip of the custom ROMS. The installation will take some time. This process must also apply for the camera fix are performed.

During installation of the ROM you are asked two questions. For the first which version it has the HD2 and the second, with which bootloader you work. The first question is important that you choose the EU version, unless you have an imported HTC HD2. In the next issue of the boot loader is queried, the MAGLDR here must be selected. If one of your two questions – for whatever reason – you answered incorrectly, you must install the ROM again.

Step 5

If all the ZIP files are installed, you can return to the Start menu of ClockworkMod.
Now there is the menu item "advanced" to some selected the SD card partition. The partition size depends on the size of SD card, if the SD card in the HD2 size of less than / equal to 4GB has, we recommend a maximum partition size of 1024 MB. If the SD card is higher, you should choose 2048 MB.
Now select "Partition SD Card", the following size as previously described select and specify a "swap size" zero MB. If the partitioning is completed following screen should appear.
This step is performed, since the HTC HD2 has only a small internal memory, which would be to install some more apps right full. To prevent this, this particular partition is created, there are A2SD + all the apps store. Through this process you can easily install on your HD2 over 100 apps.
If the partitioning completed, is the complete installation of the Android system was completed on your HD2. The unit can now be restarted if undermine the entire process, no error occurs, the Android system start right now. Have patience, however, the ROM needs during the first start, according to developers at least 15 minutes, for me it has lasted even 25 minutes and the third only after the restart. However, once it is started it works permanently. Once you have completed the initial setup.

In order for the custom firmware is running without any problems you have to have the application " DaemonController " configure properly. The app is integrated in the ROM by default and must therefore only be started and adjusted. The following data must be adjusted:

  • Min Freq: 384 000
  • Maxfreq: 1075200 or 1113600
  • Governor: smartassV2


At the end I wish you much fun with the HTC Sense 3.5 or Bliss Fashion custom ROM.


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