In iOS 7, Apple provided the use iCloud keychain to store usernames and passwords online. Cloud service can sync between devices and automatically substitute the sites user names , passwords and credit card numbers . Unfortunately , some web resources for safety reasons, this function block .

Many Internet sites , such as eBay, PayPal and others, after entering the account settings , generate an error : «Safari will not save your password as the site demanded not to save passwords .” iOS 7 makes it easy to get around this limitation , including forced sending passwords in the iCloud keychain.


How to enable forced to save passwords in iCloud Keychain:

Step 1: Open the application from the home screen settings .

Step 2: Scroll down to the section Safari.

Step 3 : Go to subsection passwords and AutoComplete .

Step 4: Enable the ” Always Allow “.

Step 5: Go to the site, which is prohibited from storing your passwords in the browser and re-enter the account settings .


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