How to Free Space On Your USB Type-C Flash Drive



The USB Type C ports is increasingly widespread in the world of computing and mobile telephony and that makes accessories manufacturers increasingly will pay more attention to this format and all the possibilities it brings.

If we focus on smartphones, one of the bottlenecks is its storage capacity. Every time we consume more multimedia content and become more and more pictures and video as the photographic capabilities of smartphone is increasing. This causes most cases have to resort to microSD cards but the USB Type C port can be another alternative.

Sandisk, one of the manufacturers with a wider range of storage accessories for both desktop and smartphones has presented a retractable USB memory allocated to devices with USB Type C to always have at hand the possibility of expanding our storage capacity easily .

In capacities ranging from 16 to 128 GB and with prices starting from 14 euros for the 16GB version, costing the 128GB 65 euros, this retractable memory not only adopts the form factor standard USB-C it is also USB 3.1 type so that transfer rates will be up, with up to 150 MB / s, a very good figure.

With this new memory, SanDisk also presents an application for Android, the operating system on the USB-C plus has spread so far, allowing us to back up and exchange information between different devices safely. If you have a smartphone, computer or tablet with USB-C this can be a good alternative to earn extra space these days is almost a treasure.

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