How to get Gmail Google+ Theme


Google is presently making main adjustments to most of its services and products. Google Search now enjoys a brand new interface, like Google Calendar or Google Maps and simplest Gmail has but escaped the operation. Common sense, mail customers within the agency don’t just like the adjustments imposed on them then this most certainly explains that. Sure however now, engineers on the agency didn’t stay with folded hands as lengthy they usually took the chance to begin a brand new subject straight away impressed through Google + . So if you hang at the interface of the new soci
al network giant's research and want to enjoy the same interface to your Gmail is very good news.



Okay, this is not necessarily the big news of the revolutionary days, most of you will foutront same as the year of the first 40 or panties Lady Gaga, but we still talk about it. No, because this new theme is still pretty to look at … So just for those who have never changed the topic of Gmail (not but what you do with your day, eh?) , when we will even recall how to change the theme. It's not super complicated, you just follow these steps:

  • It connects to Gmail (logic) .
  • Clicking on the small toothed wheel at the top right.
  • You click on "Email Settings" to access the service options.
  • Then click on "Topics."
  • You click on "Preview (dense)" or "Preview" at the end of the list.
  • We're happy.

Well, as you can see, it will frankly own. So the question you should probably ask you is to know precisely what differentiates these two themes. Well as the name suggests, the themePreview (High) is just a little denser than the theme preview . Basically, that means the space between the lines is slightly reduced. Well, finally you get the idea. After, in fact, these two new themes are as alike as two peas. There are the famous blue and red buttons found on other services of the firm, it also has the same gray banner at the top of the page that contains the logo and the search field and the whole is rather airy .

Well, of course, do these new themes will appeal may not be for everyone but please do not hesitate to test history you have an idea. Personally, I passed my house and I'm pretty happy for now …

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