How to get HTC Sense animated weather widget in iOS 8



Apple has done a great job by including iOS most things in which the daily need of iPhone and iPad. Alarm clock, organizer, weather, messages, integration with social networks, work with financial information – it’s all very successfully combines the displays Apple-gadgets. But what if the user wants more iOS 8, such a beautiful animated weather widget with a clock? In this case it is necessary to install the device on an unofficial package HTC Animated Weather. Mimics the legendary design of HTC Sense widget, which are familiar to many and used by HTC in its smartphones in recent years.

If you unlock your iPhone, throughs working screens, but still did not understand, what time – just click Home. New widget carries everything you need to show on the screen of interesting and functional digital clock, and even a little more.


In the settings,  you can set a 12- or 24-hour clock display time specified zip-code and a scale measuring the temperature (Fahrenheit / Celsius), depending on your preference. The clock will look very boring, if not to use animation – so tumbler Animation On. The update time can be selected in the discretion – 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes or 1 hour; default – 15 minutes. It is possible to include the forecast for the next five days. With this configuration, the widget will receive an additional row of icons.

To add animated ticker on the iOS 8 screen, just press and hold your finger empty space on the desktop and select HTC Animated Weather Forecast Enabled Clock iWidget. Move the icons down to make room for the widget at the top of the screen, you can use HomescreenDesigner.

“HTC Animated Weather – iPhone 6+” distributed via Cydia and so far only compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus. But the developer is already preparing a version for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The package is available for free in Modmyi repo.

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