How to get iOS 8 features in iOS 7 now



Earlier this month, Apple officially unveiled the iOS 8 firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile devices . The new Apple mobile firmware release contains many features that are different from the previous version, not only when functionality but also some aspects of the interface.

The eighth version of Apple’s mobile platform to be released a year after the release of iOS 7 which will be  this Fall. However, until that time, users on the seventh version may be able to experience the new system without having to install it. In this article, we will be discussed different ways  of experience iOS 8 on your iPhone, iPad running on iOS 7.


Apple introduced a new feature for predictive and stated that application developers will have access to the API for creating alternative keyboards. In Cydia, there are a lot of similar solutions. For example, users can set HipJot, Octopus or PredictiveKeyboard to improve the typing speed in iOS 7.

Notification Center Widgets

With the release of iOS 8, iPhone and iPad app developers will be able to fine-tune the platform interface  with  extensible features. Particularly, Apple opened a number of new API to allow you to Notification Center widgets integration. Widgets, of course, can not be called a revolutionary innovation as “live” graphic interface elements since, for several years, they have been presented in the Android OS.

social-share-widgetAnd users with jailbroken iOS devices long practiced the installation directory of third-party software using Cydia. This store has more than a dozen widgets:

  • NCWeather
  • Social Sharing Widget
  • QuickMemo
  • WeeKillBackground
  • FavoriteContacts
  • BBSettings
  • WeeSearch

Quick answers

In iOS 8 appeared interactive notifications: You can answer or SMS messages from social networks without having to open the apps themselves. Jailbreak developers offer several addons with such functionality. For example, using Auki can recruit new SMS or reply to incoming messages, not looking up from other cases. Reply enough Touching on the banner, and then see a small window to write your message. In the box for a quick set of messages can easily find a person from your address book by typing the first letters of its name. Alternative superstructure – BiteSMS and Couria.


Sending SMS-messages from your computer

Remote Messages is a full server for Mac and PC, which is connected to iMessage on iPhone and iPad and gives full access to the SMS-functional devices on iOS. The utility can be useful in many situations. For example, you can connect your iPhone to your stereo to listen to music through external speakers and communicate simultaneously via SMS or iMessage with your computer. With the release of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite Mac users can send and receive short messages from your computer via iPhone.


Renaming iMessage dialogues

MessageRenamer7 tweak from Atlas Wiegmann enables to rename dialogues in iMessage. This can be especially useful for group chats, the title of which should list all the participants of the conversation. Updated messenger in iOS 8 already includes this functionality. Moreover, the new iMessage allows you to send audio and video, as well as GPS-coordinates.

Always active Siri

Jailbreak community developers face Jay Zuerndorfer offered OkSiri tweak to users, implements on devices running iOS 7, the feature is always active Siri voice assistant. Thus, simply say “Ok Siri”, to the virtual assistant , it will begin to work, even if the iPhone or iPad are in the locked. In iOS 8, voice assistant Siri,  continuously “listen” to users.


Advanced Photo Editor

Standard application for photos has changed little over the years, especially the editing capabilities, forcing users to access third-party applications, such as Photos + or Snapseed. Those users who want to preserve the native appearance, expanding opportunities photo editor, can use Rendarya tweak, which has a similar set of features offered in the Apple iOS 8 firmware.


Restricting access to applications

DisableLaunch is a free tweak for jailbroken iOS devices , which adds the add safety by preventing the iPhone to launch applications with springboard. Of course, this is not the best way to protect the personal data, nevertheless, it can be very useful.


Restricting access to photos

iOS 8 allows to hide photos from viewers. Such an option is available to users and Protect Photos. The add-in provides the ability to block access to the images, the camera, as well as the selected applications loaded on the device.


Favorite contacts

In the iOS 8 multitasking panel,  Apple added favorite contacts. Get quick access to contacts from the iOS 7 home screen is already possible, using an unofficial solution. For example, you can set QuickContacts to respring and use Spotlight. Instead of the traditional way, the search string will show four iPhone icons. Just hold your finger on any of them and you will be prompted to select the party that will be displayed on this site. Select the desired contact to see  icon with the contact on your lockscreen. So you can make a few rooms, simply by repeating the procedure.


Panoramic shot on the iPad

iOS 8 adds on the iPad a panoramamic mode, long present on the iPhone. For jailbroken iOS 7 tablets,  this is not a problem, you just need to install FireBreak tweak . Following this manipulation in the camera settings on the iPad,  “Panorama”mode can be activated, you can take a few shots without stopping, then the iPad itself will combine them into into panoramic image.


New Touch ID  features 

In iOS 8, Apple expanded opportunities of using Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Now developers can use the sensor to authenticate and identify users. In Cydia, there is no shortage of tweaks that leverage fingerprint module. They can be used to authenticate websites, block applications and folders to quickly launch applications, and even unlock the Mac:

  • BioProtect
  • iTouchSecure
  • UnlockID
  • BioLaunch
  • Touchy
  • AppScan
  • BioLockdown
  • Applocker
  • Virtual Home

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