How to get rid of your favorite contacts and recent calls from multitasking menu in iOS 8



In iOS 8 firmware, Apple improved its evolutionary possibilities with many new and will not dissemble, the long-awaited features. There were among them, and quite controversial decisions. One of those is access to recent and favorite contacts menu multitasking. More information about the setting and turn off this feature, iOS 8 you can learn from this material.

In the Android mobile operating system has the opportunity to make contacts directly on one of the many desktops. Some users are actively using this feature, and Apple decided to create something similar, but under iOS. Get quick access to recent calls and your favorite contacts from the menu multitasking caused by double-clicking the Home.


It is implemented as follows. When the menu is multi-tasking and app switching over thumbnail running programs there are mugs with photos of contacts and their names. Apple has decided that it will be enough.

As a result, many, if not most people, got a set of identical disks without pictures and names that are very little to say about who is this person. Especially if the address book a few people with the same name but different names.

It turns out that the function looks perfect just the screenshots Apple, where all the people on the list have different names and photos. We, in turn, can try to remedy this shortcoming by adding photos to contacts in your own address book.


If you still want to get rid of the contacts menu multitasking, you can do so quite easily. Apple as she could, trying to hide this setting, providing it rather clumsy translation into Russian. Therefore, the probability that you found it intentionally, abruptly to zero.

2014-09-01-14-59-01In fact, everything is simple and is implemented in three simple steps:

  •  We go to “Settings”> “Mail, addresses, calendars.”
  • Find the item “Show at the Swap. Programs “(genius?).

Here you can choose:

  • Showing off your favorite contacts or recent calls. You can disable both.

Before and after
Everything is now multitasking menu rid of contacts and performs exceptionally its original function.

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