How to get the directions in Google Maps with Siri without jailbreak



Google released a new mapping application for iOS last week,  in which many users iPhone, dissatisfied with the iOS 6 running iOS 6 equivalent Apple service.

Unfortunately, Google Maps for iOS can not use the advantages of regular map service, including integration into the operating system interface. For example, maps are closely related to Apple Siri, making it easier in some cases, the interaction with the service. However to use the new service Google can and using voice aid Apple.

Although Siri by default will always work with the native maps iOS, switch attention to Google Maps technology is very simple: just add the microphone to read out the route just two words – “via transit”.


By the way, according to some analysts, the Google Maps application can be removed from the term App Store. If Apple believes that its proprietary mapping service is better and it will be good reasons, in the future at some point it may decide not to allow publication of updates to Google Maps. Apple already has a similar experience: the company has rejected the publication of its third-party software product on the grounds that they duplicate the functionality of its own pre-installed applications.

However, the likelihood of such a scenario is unlikely right now. In addition, not all users will download Google Maps for iOS, but all would in any case have maps on their Apple smartphones and tablets.[9to5Mac]


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