How to get the most out of iOS 10


ios 10

Many things have changed with the arrival of  iOS 10. Whenever we face a change, we can come to feel a little lost; You can even we know no longer take full advantage of that as usual. Given that we spend more time with our mobile than any other activity that we perform, it is important to know how to control one hundred percent. If not, how will we be able to fully enjoy it? That’s why we are going to explain a few tricks in which you will be able to make iOS 10 act like iOS 9.

In addition to the changes that most talked about in all social networks, are updates on both iMessages as well Apple Music, which have introduced small variations with which we can surprise at first. For example, when no longer we have to unlock slide. This is an option that seems to have disappeared completely; in return, we will have to press the start button, the Touch ID serving us twice. Many users have complained that, since the start button is one of the weaknesses of both the iPhone and the iPad. We use both that button that can end resenting. But did you know that there is an alternative way to press start twice to unlock?

To do this, you have to go to Settings> General> Accessibility and Home button. There, you the option to ‘Put your finger to open’ appears. You can unlock directly with the Touch ID, as used to do before upgrading to iOS 10. If you have a device before the iPhone 5s, and therefore without Touch ID, you have to press the Home button to enter your code.


You have certainly desired, ever, to delete the applications that you are never predetermined and ye use. Very well do, you’re in luck! Because now, with iOS 10 you can do. What do not you use the application Exchange ever, and do not want to have it bothering on the desktop? you will have to no longer make a folder with ‘leftovers’, but you can delete it directly. The process to follow is the same as that of any application; also they leave you 150 MB of storage space.

The Control Panel has also undergone some changes. Now, if you have 3D Touch, you can push harder to access options shortcuts of the bottom row. Thus, for example, you can select whether you want the flashlight has a stronger and more low light without having to enter into the application itself. You have certainly seen that the control panel no longer shows you the sound volume; That’s because now separated, forming “two” control panels. Slipper finger, and you will find the music control on the left.

Another change that has incorporated iOS 10 and that if you have an iPhone 6s, SE or 7 have noticed quickly is that now, when lifting the mobile table, the screen will automatically turn on. Personally, I think good progress, and is not something you want to change. However, many people may seem a waste of you battery which the screen is going on automatically every few minutes. How can we solve this? Well, simply go to Settings> Display and brightness, and disable the ‘Raise to activate’ option.


You have to be careful with a detail that Apple introduced in the notifications. Now, instead of going eliminating notifications grouped by applications, all at once will be deleted if press the X in the top corner. If you do not realize, you may remove more notifications than you want in the first place. To delete them individually, just slide the notification that you want to delete to the left, and the option will appear.

Spotlight is one of the great advances of iOS, no doubt, because it allows quick searches. In the previous version of the operating system, you could only access this screen if you found yourself in the menu will start and slide down. However, now iOS Spotlight 10 allows access from any time, even when within an application. A breakthrough!

If you have not yet upgraded, Dive in! Of course, if you can upgrade through iTunes from your computer. Upgrading to iOS 10 is so heavy that has caused many users who have tried to do so via OTA have to finish connecting your phone to your computer, since this showed a failure.

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