Cloud users have always regretted not having an application on the iPhone to access all documents that we have stored in the cloud of Apple. Although the operation has nothing to do with other storage facilities, where we can copy any file type, the good thing about iCloud (to put it that) is that we grouped into folders files created by different applications you have installed, this way if we want to find all documents scanned with an application, just have to turn to that folder.

The great advantage of iCloud offers us is that we can access from any device to all documents and files you have stored and edited quickly to the changes talk once we close the application, without having to back up files or documents modified, as in the other storage services in the cloud.

With the arrival of iOS in September, Apple gives us the opportunity, if we make use of this service, to show a direct access to our files directly from the springboard of our iPhone. By default, this icon is hidden, but then we show how you can


  • Go to Settings and click on the iCloud option.
  • Within iCloud click on the first option available called iCloud Drive.
  • Here we first find the iCloud Drive option that allows us to save documents and data in iCloud. This tab must be enabled to use iCloud. Second found Show on the home screen. If we want a shortcut on our home screen we have this box checked.

If we have become accustomed to using iCloud and thanks to price cuts introduced us Apple a few months ago, only we use the cloud service daily, activating this icon allows us to quickly access documents you have stored and modified on a seconds without having to upload them again once we’ve released, as mentioned earlier.(via iDownloadblog)

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