How to Install Android 5.0 Lollipop On Your PC?



Are you eager to try the latest operating system Google? Your phone is not among the agradiados Android Lollipop? Then this article is for you, since you can now emulate Android Lollipop on your PC.

Thanks to the tutorial I show you then can work on Android Lollipop on a PC emulator thanks to the official Google. We can use all the features of the operating system, unlike other emulators like BlueStack, which only allow us to open applications. If you have already received Lollipop on your terminal, take a look at the problems and solutions of Android 5.0.


We must be downloaded and installed Android SDK, thanks to which we can download Android Lollipop and other necessary tools. Doubts Android SDK?

How to install Android 5.0 Lollipop on your PC?

Download the Android SDK zip file to your PC (32 or 64 bits). Unzip it in a place to remember, since you will use later.
Open the SDK Manager program and wait for it to load.
If start is selected options, quítalas. In “Tools” you must select Android SDK Platform-Tools. Choose whole Android 5.0 (API 21) section.
Click “Install Packages”, accepts and confirms the installation. The process will begin automatically.

Creating Android Lollipop emulator 

After completing the previous installation, return to the Android-SDK folder and open the AVD Manager. We click on the create button and a window where you can set the parameters of the emulator, where we introduce the following appears:

AVD Name: the name of the emulator, but not space. For example, EmuladorLollipop.
Device: select one of the preset models. I recommend Nexus 5.
Target: Android version to install (Android 5.0 – API 21)
CPU: ARM selected.
Skin: select “Skin with dynamic hardware controls”.
RAM: 512 or recommend allocate 1024 MB (will be “stolen” from the PC, so do not overdo this figure).
Securities not specify default values should stay. Then press OK.

The first time you open the emulator may take a few minutes to start, like when you install on a smartphone. You can configure the emulator the size they appear on the screen of your computer.

Congratulations, you have Android Lollipop on your PC. Immerse yourself in Material Design and tell us what it is to experience Lollipop on a personal computer.

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