How to Install infinidock Scrolling Dock On your iPhone/iPod touch


This app lets you store house to your springboard through having as many apps in your dock and sroll via them. That you could get in cydia for $zero.ninety nine

First add supply.


Go to cydia, manage, sources, edit , add then type

Step One

open cydia, go to search and type infidock


Step two

click on infinidock and purchase


Step three

check out with paypal or amazon


Step four

close the tab and install infinidock


Step five

After installing, restart your springboard


Step six

go to your iPhone/ipod touch settings


Step seven

scroll down to infinodock and click on it


Step eight

Set up your icon per page


Step nine

Step up the icon per page then exit


Step ten

Click and hold one of your icon for a couple seconds, then drag it to your dock.

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