Find out how to set up iOS 7 Dialer on Android Telephones



Android redesign opportunities are almost limitless. Enthusiasts are produced in a large variety of custom launchers and shells on how to make mobile devices do not resemble each other . Members may, if desired , even change the standard application for calls and contacts. Interesting option for owners of Android-smartphone offered studio Espier Studio.

This post will be of interest to owners of ” Android devices ” who like iOS7 style interface . If you want to ” bell ” part of your phone resembled design staffing app Apple, you can take advantage of a new program from Google Play. Ported to the Android phone with the new interface came from the creators Espier Dialer iOS 7.

Espier Dialer iOS 7 allows you to use Android app almost completely copied from iOS Phone 7. Menus , icons , contact list , favorites – all available in the program from the store Google.

New in iOS Phone 7 is distinguished from its predecessor flat buttons and icons without gloss , no ” fake” volume and texture , thin fonts. Application , and the entire system to get fresh, clean and brighter. All this is now available to users and devices on Android.

In the few days that Espier Dialer iOS 7 is Google Play, its already downloaded tens of thousands of people , putting about 200 assessments. Appendix overall average of 4.5 points on a 5 point scale. All this indicates that the interface iOS 7, which would have spoken about it , is highly demanded . Espier Dialer iOS 7 promises to be one of the most popular programs for calls on Android.

Download Espier Dialer iOS 7 can be found in Google Play for free.

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