By now, some people already learned how to install iOS 10 and watchOS 3 without developer account, now let macOS Sierra, one of the surprises presented at WWDC 2016. Downloading this operating system is more complex than normal, which also require time, patience and speed, follow step by step so that the installation is successful.

What you need to download macOS Sierra is access this link from your Mac in Safari or any other browser. There are two ways to download, direct download via Megaupload (unlock key file is included) and a download via Torrent, you can download any program that accepts this type of files.

This is where you will need to get a cup of tea or coffee, after all the file weighs at least 5GB in size on disk. For the ones that are interested, you can get the profile Configuration Profile from reddit

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Now what follows is optional if you want to keep the installation file macOS Sierra developers. In a USB flash drive of at least 8 GB, with’ll Disk Utility to format pendrive said in MacOS Plus format record with the name you choose to put.

After completing this process, it is necessary to open the dmg file macOS Sierra. (It will take several minutes to open). Once opened, two options exist.

  1. If you decide to save it to a flash drive, copy the file or disk image that is within the dmg to the flash drive.
  2. If you decide not to save, the file will have to drag or copy it to the Applications folder of your OS X.

Wait to finish in order to copy the file in any of the two options mentioned. It will take several minutes. After the process, open the file from the flash drive or the Applications folder. You can now delete the dmg disassemble and remove it from your Mac, and you can not copy it because of its enormous size. If you’ve previously installed a version of OS X, the splash screen will be very familiar. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Click Next on the installation screen 10.12 Developer Preview.

Step 2: Accepts the conditions of the software license.

Step 3: Choose the location to install macOS Sierra. You’ll have to choose to install the operating system on the existing one. If you have another external drive or a special partition to install the operating system, it is fully valid and you can choose the option on the screen.

Step 4: Wait until the installation is completed, it takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Once the process is finished, your Mac will reboot and start loading the files required for configuring iCloud and Siri, among some others as necessary. In the case of Siri as a novel function, activate it from the first moment when prompted for permission.

Step 5: Voila!!! You have completed the installation of the first beta of macOS Sierra.


Personally, I had to reinstall the system twice because the first time I could work with my Mac, but then the system started operating too slow. Do not opt for reinstalling via command + R because you asked at the beginning of the installation your Apple ID and password developer. It is very important to keep the file on a flash drive for future reinstallation.

The second time was reinstall Sierra macOS before an installed version of OS X Yosemite (I have a flash drive installation) climbed back into macOS Sierra downloading new account file and not save the file to the dmg.

The behavior was like the first time, until I realized the dmg file occupying space in my Downloads folder. Delete it and as that happened, macOS Sierra began to work quickly, even faster than in Yosemite and El Capitan.

Install the previous version of macOS Sierra if you really want to really discover the functioning of Siri and prove that this is running on your Mac, since there are different specifications and models. The functioning of the programs is absolutely normal, unless you have a software or program that required strict conditions installation will stop working. Tell us what you think about macOS Sierra in the comment box below.

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