You’ll want to have a machine with an Intel processor which helps hardware virtualization, unique OS X&#one hundred sixty;Snow Leopard&#one hundred sixty;retail disk,VMware&#a hundred and sixty;Pc 7 and Home windows 7, Vista or XP put in as host running machine. For those who meet all these necessities, you could then set up OS X Snow Leopard as a VM below Home windows and might revel in the very best of each worlds.

Snow Leopard in Windows 7

Observe: We don’t in anyway motivate downloading Apple tool by means of file-sharing / torrent web sites and run it in an virtualized setting underneath Home windows. This information is for informational functions handiest. In the event you like OS X Snow Leopard, Get a Mac.

Step 1:&#one hundred sixty;Download and install VMware Workstation 7.

Step 2: Download pre-made modified version of Snow Leopard.vmdk and darwin_snow.iso files required to get this thing to work.

Step 3: Start VMware Workstation and open up “Mac OS X server 10.6 (experimen
tal).vmx” file which you downloaded in Step 2.

Snow Leopard in VMware

Step 4: Click on”Edit virtual machine settings”, select CD/DVD (IDE) option from left hand side and then and select “Use ISO image file” option. Point it to “darwin_snow.iso” which you downloaded in Step 2.

Snow Leopard in VMware

Step 5: Now power on the virtual machine and hit “F8” key. You should now have a screen similar to the one shown below.

Snow Leopard in VMware

Step 6: Now you’ll have to point your virtual machine to OS X Snow Leopard retail DVD instead of “darwin_snow.iso”. To do this, right click on CD/DVD option found in lower right most corner of your VMware window and select settings.

Snow Leopard in VMware

Insert OS X Snow Leopard retail DVD in your DVD drive and select the “Use physical drive” option.

Step 7: Now go back and select “c” option (Boot DVD) from the prompt which you got in Step 5 to boot from the OS X retail DVD. OS X boot screen with Apple logo should now appear. If the boot screen doesn’t appear for you, try booting it in verbose mode by pressing “F8” key after selecting “c” option, and then enter “-v” (without quotes). This will enable the system to boot OS X DVD using verbose mode.

Snow Leopard in VMware

Step 8: Wait for a couple of minutes for the Installation Setup screen to show up. From here on, simply follow the onscreen setup instructions to install OS X Snow Leopard. Make sure you format your virtual hard drive in “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” format using Disk Utility. Customize your installation with minimum set of printer drivers and language options for a lightweight trouble free installation experience.

Step 9: Once the installation is completed. System will automatically reboot. At this point, close your guest virtual machine and change your CD/DVD option again like you did in Step 2 to point it to “darwin_snow.iso”.

Step 10: Start the virtual machine again. Press “F8” key and select “h” option to “Boot first hard disk”.

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