How to Install Pokemon from any country



This new release to the world of smart mobile technology, made compatible with Augmented Reality has caused real furor. However, the staggered launch has been paralyzed because of the servers, and all over the world,  iOS users are waiting to play Pokemon Go.

United States of America, New Zealand and Australia are the only countries where you can actually download Pokemon Go directly from the App Store. But this will help you install Pokemon Go from any region:

Step 1: Create a new Apple ID.
Step 2: Select a location of a country available, for example: New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Remember that Pokemon Go is a free application, so we should not enter billing information or bank if you do not want.

Once we have created this Apple unique ID, we will lead the iPhone Settings from there in the section General we will go to “Language and Region” to exchange for one of the three regions where the game is available, it is advisable that we use the same address you have entered.

The work is already done, just go to the App Store and download Pokemon Go with a piece of mind, but beware, because there are many similar applications designed to deceive. Everything is stored in the cloud, so when you get Pokemon Go to Spain can switch back region and Apple ID and continue playing.


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