How to Install Siri interface on iOS 5 your iPhone / iPod touch


We’ve talked a few occasions hackers attempt to convey the voice assistant Siri – reserved for the iPhone 4S – on older iDevices . Certainly, it’s not very difficult now on the grounds that that you could operate the duty your self. Best downside is, and certainly it’s going to take time, the connection to Apple's servers does no longer work. Certainly, that is to switch the interface of Siri, neither extra nor much less. Thanks now not discover within the feedback your anxiety as a result of Siri does now not work, you will have been warned. Neatly, as much as the academic.



  • iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3G, 4G iPod touch jailbroken iOS 5
  • These files extracted from an iPhone 4S - Download
  • OpenSSH installed through Cydia and iFile
  • An FTP / SFTP (WinSCP for Windows and Mac OS X CyberDuck for example)

Note  :  If you perform this tutorial, you take responsibility. Neither iHelplounge nor myself are responsible for your actions. The method described below is presented for information purposes and is not intended to make you change an Apple product.


1.  Extract the files included in the archive "" previously downloaded.

2.  Open your FTP client / SFP and enter the requested information.


  • Host name:  Enter the IP on your network that is in Settings> WiFi> blue arrow next to your network
  • User name:  : root
  • Password:  alpine (If you have changed, enter the new)

3.  Once connected, go to the folder  / System / Library / PrivateFrameworks /  and copy  AssistantServices.framework  (located in the unzipped files).


4.  Go to / System / Library / CoreServices /  and copy all files in SpringBoard_Assistant_pics  (located in the unzipped files).


5.  From your iPhone / iPod touch, open the application iFile (available on Cydia) and go back into  / System / Library / CoreServices / . Once inside, you must edit a file. For iPhone, this is the  N90AP.plist . For iPod touch is  N81AP.plist.  Open to cha
nge, enter these lines:

<key> 720p </ key> <true/> <key> assistant </ key> <true/>


6.  Make a respring your device. If everything went well, you're supposed to have the interface Siri holding the HOME button for 2-3 seconds.

Note:  If this is not the case, in step 3, replace the  AssistantServices.framework  used by this one .


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