How to Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 from Windows Update


Prior to now we suggested that Microsoft had launched Service Pack 1 of Windows 7 , initially available in Download Center ….

However, download SP1 from Download Center involves passing the validation of the original copy of Windows to start the download. I know many of you never trigger Windows 7 to use some trigger to check the installed copy as genuine.


Another problem downloading the SP1 from the Download Center is that necessarilyhave to download the DVD ISO with the 3 editions of X86, X64 and IA64.

However, the best solution is to download the SP1 of Windows 7 from Windows Update.

In the following video tutorial detailing the steps:

– Enter Windows Update in the search box in the menu Start and select
– Click on Check for Updates
– From the results, click on important updates
– Check the box Windows 7 Service Pack 1 of Windows 7 section and click OK
– Click on the button Install Updates


So of course, as you are a careful user and you do not want to crash your bike permanently, you'll start by backing up your Windows 7 and make sure that all your files are well protected.Note also that if your OS has fallen from the truck, so it is better not to install anything at all since installing SP1 inevitably validate the system. Obviously. Same thing, if you played the card of "early adopter" by downloading and installing the beta version of SP1 , you will of course start with the actual transfer history give way to the content of this ISO file.Especially if you had accidentally recovered underground version of my stuff, it goes without saying …

Remind yourself of all-Windows 7 SP1 does not big news. Of course, one could speak of the Dynamic Memory and improved remote desktop, but most users will foutront as the year 40 . Overall, therefore, within 2 GB of image, we will find all the updates released to date by Microsoft for Windows 7. If you maintain your system updated regularly and you're not an ace of virtualization, so you can spend your way yet.

Download Windows 7 SP1


Note :
– I recommend unchecking the box for all important updates and just leave Windows 7 to avoid conflicts.

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