This article is the right choice for you at this time. If you have already betrayed the apple with the jailbreak, you might be more interested in making an almost blasphemous: Install Windows on the iPhone and we will explain how.

Whatever your opinion on the jailbreak, you can not deny that the possibilities arising from the latter are really a lot and open the doors to changes that would not otherwise be possible on iOS. Violating the digital blocks Apple is also the downside, ie cons, but if you’re a real geek you know very well how to avoid any kind of problem and only get more from your device. An operation to the limit is no doubt that we’re about to describe, or install Windows 95 or Windows 98 inside iPhone or iPad.

It certainly will not be a step forward for productivity and complexity of the OS, but installing one of the older versions of Windows on an actual device can be a least interesting. They also thought that hackers have come to release a real method to install a full version of Windows 95/98 on iOS, complete with step-by-step steps to follow to avoid mistakes.

Before being too excited about it, though, you need to specify some things. Certainly our aid in the installation of simple Cydia tweak, simplifying and automating the necessary commands for unpacking and for configuring the .deb file, but as you can imagine, install a real operating system is something entirely different. Clearly need advanced knowledge and the ability to solve any problems that may arise during the procedure. For this reason, we recommend that only experienced users to proceed. All others would do well to refrain and maybe just looking at the demo videos we see Windows on iOS.

However the game is worth the candle, especially if you have time and patience, as well as experience in the field, to install an old operating system on the iPhone could be a company where interesting venture. If you are interested, you can follow the installation from the video found below.

Upon installing Windows on iOS devices is a task only possible on jailbroken devices. You need iOS 8.1.2 or earlier versions, unless you have still jailbreak iOS 8.2 beta 2 that can possibly be done with Taig.

In any case, check out the video and do not forget to let us know in the comments what you think of this new hack for the iPhone and iPad!

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